What no Gallery?

Why we don't have a gallery on our site.

Intellectual property belonging to others is a concept that we respect at
Ink Link, Incorporated


It has been a traditional practice in the graphics industry to splash client supplied
images all over websites and promotional literature in an effort to show the
types of clientele with which a company works. This has especially been

the case with work that is produced for high profile clients.

Those images are copy-written, contain new trademarks, or are

promotional in nature, and as such can hint at new looks, upcoming

campaigns, pricing strategies or products to which marketing departments

would prefer to not let the competition have easy access while the materials sit

in fulfillment centers awaiting distribution.

We have entered into contractual agreements with a number of our clients

which preclude us from using client images for self promotion purposes.

We require the same agreements from all of our vendors.

We have therefore elected to protect the intellectual property of all of our clients
and to not post a gallery or digital portfolio on our website.

We are happy provide samples of work that shows our technical

proficiency and provide prospective customers with client lists and

case studies upon request.